How To Add a Blogging Zoom Icon to Sociable

The Sociable plugin for WordPress is a popular way to add social bookmarking icons to the bottom of your posts. I use it here on OpTempo. Blogging Zoom is the new social booking service for and by bloggers. Both are great but they don’t work together, until now.

The Nitty Gritty Down and Dirty Code

Warning: I don’t recommend making the changes presented here unless you’re comfortable working with PHP code.

Sociable is fortunately easy to add to since it uses standard arrays to hold information about the sites it presents.

First, go to the Edit Plugin page for Sociable and scroll down until you find the $sociable_known_sites = Array(. Then scroll down to the place where Blogging Zoom would go alphabetically in the array and enter the following code:

'bloggingzoom' => Array(
    'favicon' => 'bloggingzoom.png',
    'url' => '',

Now scroll down until you get to the $sociable_files = Array( and continue on to the place where Blogging Zoom would fit alphabetically into this array and enter the following code:


Now you’ll need to FTP a graphic for Blogging Zoom to the Sociable/Images directory on your web site. The above code won’t work if the graphics file isn’t there. In the ZIP file below, I have the PNG I’m using here that’s based on the favicon on the Blogging Zoom site.

Downloadable Graphic and Updated Plugin Module

If you would like to download the modified Sociable.php file and the Blogging Zoom icon, grab this zip file: Sociable Blogging Zoom Hack Files

I’ve also added the rel=nofollow attribute to these links as well since this has been suggested by several SEO experts.

Let me know if you have any trouble with this and I’ll try to help. Please don’t try it if you’re not comfortable with making these kinds of changes and always have a good backup of your site before you start playing around with modified plugins!


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Comment by aksn1p3r
2007-11-08 06:19:09

May i use the bz icon for my own blogger mods/hacks?

Comment by jfc
2007-11-08 06:51:30

Hi aksn1p3r,

I don’t think the Blogging Zoom team would have a problem with that. They want to publicize it after all. The icon I’m using is just their favicon scaled up from 16×16 to 20×20 and converted to a PNG.

Comment by Lin
2008-01-22 23:36:22

I’m so glad you’ve posted about this hack for BZ, because I’m not too keen on the plugin version with the ugly button on all my posts. I like this method much better, as it looks much cleaner, and hopefully I can get this done on my blog soon.

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