Some Links #8

First of all, a science fiction writer from ‘down under’, Simon Haynes, visited with a comment on my Top 10 Dark Science Fiction Movies post. His site promotes his book series, Hal Spacejock, and he has a few chapters online for you to read. I was very impressed by what I read. It reminded me a lot of Harry Harrison. I’ll be looking for his books to become available in the US.

Over at Vandelay Website Design there’s this article, 5 Common Mistakes Made When Hiring a Web Designer. It’s very good advice for anyone considering contracting out on a web site design.

Monetizer has this interesting article comparing rap stars to bloggers, 4 Moneymaking Lessons Rappers Teach Us. An interesting comparison and you don’t even have wear your pants where they’re falling off to blog.

Karen Zara wrote this article a few weeks back about improving writing in blogs, 12 Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Become Better Writers.

Mohsin at Blogging Bits put together this handy list of blog editing tools: 15+ Alternatives to Your Boring Blog Editor. If you’re still using the built-in web editors give this article a look

At More Than WE Know there’s this interesting article on how, as a reader, you can keep a blog you like growing: How to Keep Your Favorite Blog in Business.

The The Income Academy Blog takes up the BlogRush Sucks banner with this article: Blogrush The Final Curtain?

That’s all for this time around. If you would like for me to mention your blog or web site in a future "Some Links" article, just leave a comment on any OpTempo article you like with your URL. The only rule is that your site can’t be spam site, a splog, or a bad neighborhood site.


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Comment by Simon Haynes
2007-11-05 01:57:16

Thanks for the mention - much appreciated.

I just expanded a little on my rather brief comment yesterday, but my response didn’t appear. Not sure whether it’s awaiting clearance or just lost in the ether, but I guess I’ll know when I submit this one ;-)

Comment by jfc
2007-11-05 07:05:42

Hi Simon

I have WordPress set to put any comments with links into moderation as a way to prevent comment spam. Sadly, it’s a necessary annoyance. I’ve approved you comment on the other post.

Any idea on when you’re going to get a US publisher? I think your books would do well over here.

Comment by Liz Fuller
2007-11-05 02:09:22

Thanks for the link - and the stumble - both helpful in keeping my blog in business!!

Looks like you have a good collection of interesting sites here that I want to check out - I’ve already read Karen’s post on 12 Reasons Why Bloggers Need to Become Better Writers. Good tips!

Comment by jfc
2007-11-05 07:10:32

Thanks for stopping by Liz and you’re welcome

I try to find good posts on small to medium sized blogs to give them a mention and a stumble.

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