BlogRush Sucks Update: BlogRush Prepares Another Purge

BlogRush Sucks

BlogRush is preparing for another purge of blogs according to their latest communication.

We’ll soon be adding “widget performance monitoring” to our network. Any users that have low-performing widgets will be automatically notified that they need to improve the positioning for the widget on their blogs. Failure to improve their widget performance (which can be done by giving the widget higher placement) will remove that user from the network.

This means that if you don’t give BlogRush top billing in a high traffic blog, you’re out. You don’t meet quality standards. Oh, and you can’t “wait and see” either. If you don’t display their ugly, crappy, spam spewing, low traffic providing widget, hoping for a more attractive option with more relevant results, you also will get the boot.

And any members that have an inactive widget for an extended period of time (30+ days) may be terminated from the network and have their accounts permanently closed.

Their arrogance is amazing. Even Google won’t close you out of Adsense permanently if you don’t display ads for a period of time.

Still In Denial

They’re still in denial about purging many quality blogs from their ranks and they continue to refer to them as low quality (ie we think your blog sucks):

then we had an issue with low-quality blogs in the network… and we worked very hard to manually review ALL blogs, we had to make some tough decisions to remove over 10,000 from the network,

No apologies for booting good blogs and keeping obvious ”made for affiliate marketing” blogs either. They also continue to state that they used a manual review when there is no way that a manual review of a blog could be done in the 2 second or so visit made by them. It is obvious they they auto-rejected a lot of blogs simply because they had ‘free’ or some other word from their ban list in their URL.

Drop Them Now

If you run a small to medium sized blog I highly recommend you drop their widget now, reject them before they reject you. Instead, switch to using better, more friendly, alternatives.

Any thoughts on this? Please leave me a comment if you do. Unlike BlogRush, I welcome opposing viewpoints.


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Comment by Simonne
2007-11-01 16:03:46

They will keep on purging blogs forever, because they think it’s bloggers’ fault that their wonder widget underperforms. It starts to look like a prison rather than a social service for blogs.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-01 16:21:47

Thanks for stopping by Simonne,

It’s too bad they’ve gone this direction because it could have been a really good way to promote blogs.

I have high hopes for Blogging Zoom and ScratchBack. I think they’re both taking a better approach.

Comment by Ezekiel
2007-11-01 22:35:27

I thought my blog had a pretty good chance of passing the test! Well, I agree Its enough options out there to attract traffic.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-01 22:45:36

Thanks for stopping by Ezekiel,

Their ‘quality review’ process was a joke. I love the irony of sites that still think the emperor has clothes. They post that only spam and non-English sites were removed while their widget shows 2 or 3 “Made for Affiliate Offers” blogs.

Comment by Reviews of BlogRush
2007-11-02 05:41:03

Tell us how you really feel:>

Lots of angry bloggers out there… this won’t help…

… I understand BlogRush is going to sell up to 4 out of every 5 headline spots to the highest bidder — and guess who keeps the cash? Hint: It’s not the bloggers.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-02 08:07:09


Your email and URL are still marked by Akismet as spam. You may want to contact them and see what the problem is.

Where did you find the information about them selling headline spots? If it is true, that would be big news.

Comment by LPF
2007-11-03 16:08:58

I had a great deal of respect for John Reese. Not any more!

His arrogant bull-headedness, egoistic rants, high-handed brush-offs, empty threats and even blatant lies, in trying to cover up his and BlogRush’s shortcomings, have been painful to watch.

Mistakes will be made. But getting all defensive and rude about it is the worst way to go about rectifying one’s mistakes.

BTW, take a good look at one of the blogs you listed: Kyle Eggleston’s BlogRush Sucks. One of the commenters seems to be Matt Cutts.

Love all your posts in this BlogRush category.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-03 17:22:09

Thanks LPF,

He obviously didn’t plan things well and has been playing “fix it as you go” since the launch. Unfortunately, he’s made several bad decisions and compounded them with a bad attitude. If they go ahead with the purge of more blogs this will be yet another mistake.

Comment by Saedel
2007-11-13 15:06:20

Hi Frank, you invited me to come over so here I am. In my site, I told you that I’m conducting an experiment on BlogRush. I need to post at least one more entry in my site to finish my experiment.

Like you, I was hoping I could drive more traffic to my site by writing a review about BlogRush. Based on my experience, a post about BLOGGING seems to attract more readers. But to my surprise, no new readers from BlogRush widgets ever saw my review. And that’s what I am going to blog about after my experiment.

I’ll keep you updated, and hopefully you’ll be able to consider it in your next BR Roundup.

Like many others, I’m debating about removing the widget in the next few days.


PS. Btw, nice blog, lots of interesting topics.

Comment by jfc
2007-11-13 15:40:03

Thanks for visiting Saedel,

The thing is that BlogRush only works for big blogs. It doesn’t bring traffic to the small and mid-sized ones very well. You’ll get better traffic from niche social bookmarking sites, like Blogging Zoom, as well as StumbleUpon.

Comment by Saedel
2007-11-13 18:20:14

Yup, you probably have seen my comment from other site. StumbleUpon sent me a huge spike this November when my topic got stumbled. The topic still continues to pick up visitors once-in-a while.

I just started BZ today. It looks warm and friendly there, and what I like about it, it’s mainly for bloggers.

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