Blog Review: Business Growth Power Pack

Jim Symcox requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, Business Growth Power Pack and here it is…

What is Business Growth Power Pack?

Business Growth Power Pack

According to the about page Jim is a business growth coach, marketing evangelist and copywriter who is based in the UK although he makes his services available worldwide. As you might guess, his blog is primarily geared toward marketing his services. He lists his business phone number on the about page, a sure indication of serious business since an individual wouldn’t want to do this.

Site Design/Theme

The site uses a  3 column theme with 2 right sidebars apparently purchased from SoloStream. This is a simple, clean, blue and white theme. Maybe a tad dull for a marketing person though.

Finding content is a bit tedious since there is no sitemap. The standard WordPress search is available as is a dropdown with a list of previous months. There is a serious need for more ways to find content.

Unfortunately, the sidebars are largely wasted space with far too many RSS and social bookmarking badges and the not-so-useful meta section. These should be cut back considerably. Also the RSS feed options point to two different feeds which can be confusing to users. Point all feeds to Feedburner.

Another problem in individual posts is that sections are divided with an <h1> tagged bit of text. This tag should only be used in headers. Either a <h3> or lower or a <strong> tag should be used here.

There is a lot of tag usage, perhaps too much as it may be distracting to users and doesn’t provide a search option within the blog itself.

The site is heavily monetized with Google Adsense, Kontera, Text Link Ads, ads and affiliate offers. This seems like a bit much for a business promotion blog. Unless these are a large money maker and/or part of an overall marketing scheme, I would recommend getting rid of them and using the space to promote the consulting business and any strategic partners. I would also strongly recommend getting rid of Text Link Ads in order to avoid possible Google penalties associated with it’s use


Jim has a lot of content since his blog has been in operation since 2004. While this domain hasn’t been operating that long he had a lot of posts that he imported from his old Blogger blog.

As for articles, here are some I enjoyed:

10 Steps To Remove Fear From Your Business - A good list of things to do if your fears are holding back the progress of your business.

Grow Your Business Profits With Blogging - A basic "how to get starting business blogging" article.

4 "Why" Questions That Power Your Marketing Machine - Good questions to ask yourself about marketing your business.

7 Questions To Ask Before You Use Coaching - An informative post that helps you evaluate the need for business coaching.

All in all, Jim has some good content in spite of some of the more technical problems I noted. If these were cleaned up and allowed his content to shine through better, I predict he would see an increase in traffic and sales.

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Comment by Jim
2007-10-31 05:13:01

Hi Frank,

Many thanks for a very fair and very useful review.

I tried to implement the sitemap you use a few months ago but for some reason couldn’t get it work with my version of Wordpress.

I’ve redownloaded and will try again.

I’m also guilty of trying out multiple ways of monetization on my main blog to test them out. I do have a test blog but its traffic is pathetic at best.

Anyway Frank, I dropped over to thank you. It’s great to get a third party’s dispassionate eye and you’ve come up with points I’m now doing something about.


Comment by jfc
2007-10-31 08:04:47

Hi Jim,

I hope the review was helpful to you.

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