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As of 6/24/2008 this site no longer appears to be active

Ruchir requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, TechnoMoney and here it is…

What is TechnoMoney?

TechnoMoney Screen Shot

You can see it right up front in the page description "Earn Money Online with a 10th Grader!". The About page provides more information about Ruchir. His blog is geared toward technology and making money online. He lives in Eritrea, is a fan of John Chow, and wants to start his own business and earn $30,000 a month from his Internet ventures before reaching age 20. That’s quite a lot of ambition for a young person but if he sticks with his goals I’m sure he’ll achieve it.

Site Design/Theme

TechnoMoney uses the popular Misty Look theme, popularized by John Chow. While the theme is decent looking and simple, it is also kind of overdone and isn’t very unique. Given that John Chow recently moved away from this theme it might be a good time for Ruchir to strike out on his own and find a new theme that gives him his own, unique, look.

I would recommend adding a sitemap plug-in. Even though the blog is new and has about 30 something posts having a map makes it much easier for people to find your older content, particularly as the site grows. Another recommendation would be to move the "Recommended Reads" and "Recent Posts" sections up the sidebar. They’re very important in retaining first time visitors to your site and making your site sticky. Maybe a new 3 column theme could bring these up while retaining what is already there.

As for monetization, TechnoMoney has a Text Link Ads affiliate offer and some Text Link Ads. Are these a good idea given Google’s crackdown on paid links? This isn’t clear yet but I would recommend caution. I would guess that monetization is a rather large challenge for Ruchir since he’s located in Eritrea.


One of the biggest problems in writing a "make money online" blog is coming up with unique articles or taking a unique spin on things that everyone in that niche has said dozens of times already. He does suffer a bit from the unavoidable echo chamber effect but Ruchir has been able to break out of this pattern in some posts.

One of his best articles is this one: 5 Tips for non-native English speakers. It’s good advice for learning any language and to improving usage of your native language.

Another good one is his write up on using .htaccess, Use .htaccess to cloak affiliate URLs in a matter of seconds!.

In Use PPP to make money when your blog traffic is low he describes some methods for using Pay-Per-Post to boost income of a low traffic blog.

I recommend that he further personalize his articles and put his advice in terms of what he is trying and how he is doing it himself. This will give his articles more credibility and will make them more engaging to read. Another direction to take would be to have more technical tutorials that blended with money making, such as the htaccess article. You see a lot of high level ‘make money’ articles around but few delve into the nuts and bolts. 

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Comment by Ruchir
2007-10-28 11:42:49

Thanks for reviewing :)

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