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Tay requested a Free Blog Review of her blog, Super Blogging and here it is…

What is Super Blogging?

Super Blogging

Super Blogging’s About page says it "is a blog about making money online and through blogging, search engine optimization, traffic generation, blogging tips, great finds on the internet, and more. This site is growing more and more every day." Having a positive affirmation like that is good. Other than that the About page is a bit thin on details except to say that Tay is a girl.

My first recommendation would be to add more to the About page, such as location in the world (I just noticed I need to do that here as well) and some other information to establish credibility as a source of information on the blog’s topics.

Site Design/Theme

The theme is 2 column white with light blue accents giving it a clean look. The logo is also appealing. The navigation is good and the sitemap page uses the sitemap plugin by which works quite well.

Tay uses a lot of larger photos in posts that are attractive although having them this large may distract from the article. It’s really a style thing. Using them like this may set her blog apart from others and work as an effective branding method.

On the sidebar, the RSS feed icon is in a Web 2.0 style. I’m not sure how well the size attracts people to subscribe but it doesn’t distract from the site. Below that there are 4 125×125 advertising buttons and a text link area below that. I would suggest putting a rel=nofollow on these given how Google has been attacking paid links. A polls and a category list follow. The only sidebar widget is an Alexa counter. Finishing off the sidebar is a WordPress Meta menu. I would recommend getting rid of the Meta menu and adding in a spot for most recent posts. Alexa is kind of useless but it’s a good idea to have it on your site, even if you bury it somewhere.

So far as monetization goes Tay is trying to sell advertising space directly along with a few affiliate offers and a PayPal donation button. The wide sidebar width of the theme does offer the opportunity to place some wider widgets of some type, perhaps 250×250 advertising blocks. If there are advertising options available to her she may want to consider them if she wants to expand the monetization of the site.


There are several excellent posts I found on Super Blogging. The writing style is quite good. Here are some of the highlights I found.

First, and speaking of using images in posts, there is this article, 6 Reasons Why You Should Use Images In Your Blog Posts. It makes several good points.

The post that originally brought Super Blogging to my attention was this one: 10 Great Bloggers Tell What Mistakes They Made As Beginners. Interview posts like this are a good way to promote a blog and this one was one of the better ones I’ve seen. So good, in fact, somebody copied it and fooled a number of people into thinking it was theirs!

There are several handy info lists, such as this one: 4 Ways to Check Your Blog’s Health. These kind of posts are always good for finding out new sites that may help you improve your blog.

Beyond that, there are many other great articles on blogging. You may have seen similar info elsewhere but it is presented quite well here and worth reading to get an additional perspective.

Get Your Site Reviewed

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Comment by Tay
2007-10-25 22:55:30

Thank you so much for the review, I really appreciate it! :D

You’re right, I do need to update the about page properly. I’ve been telling myself I’d do that for some time now but I just haven’t done it yet. Thanks for the reminder.

Thanks for pointing out the fact about adding the nofollow to the links. It’s a wise observation but I don’t think I’ll be doing that. To the people who have been interested in purchasing links, I told them that they would get a legit one without the nofollow mark. If Google notices, then so be it I guess.

Alexa isn’t totally useless but then again, it’s not all too reliable either. Your score basically depends on your site’s niche. I have the widget because I read at Courtney Tuttle’s blog that having it betters your score - if people don’t have the toolbar, then the widget counts them as a visitor anyway. I don’t think the widget is very bothersome so I leave it there.

The meta menu is there basically so people can easily register to guest post on the site if they want. I know it’s not the most attractive option but then again, it’s not really in the way either.

I went for the Pop Blue look because before, I had three columns and many different things going on. It wasn’t unorganized, but the way the old theme was designed made it seem so. I had recent posts, top posts, etc. but for the time being I’ve removed those things. Soon I’ll be creating a new page with a list of the most popular posts. I may re-add the most recent posts to the sidebar like you suggested as well.

As for the advertising, I edited the Pop Blue theme for the wide sidebars so it could hold the 125×125 buttons. I never really thought about a bigger choice. Thank you for opening my eyes to that! :)

Thanks for linking to some of my articles and for the reivew overall. I really appreciate it and I thank you especially for telling me about the things you think should be corrected. I’m always looking to better my blog!

Thanks again, so much. I’m sure the free reviews system is helpful to other blogs and great for you as well, in getting exposure. Keep up the great work! :D

Comment by jfc
2007-10-26 07:37:16

Hi Tay,

I’ve heard varying things on the Alexa widget, including the post over at Courtney Tuttle’s blog that you mentioned. I’ve got it here too it’s just buried below the Google video ad at the bottom of the page. I may move it up when I get a number in 5 digits.

I guess that’s a good reason to keep the meta if you’re allowing multiple logins.

One good reason to have the popular or ‘best work’ posts up at the top are for people arriving from Digg, StumbleUpon, or other social bookmarking site or from other blogs. If they like the linked article they may want more or another article of yours might be more to their liking. This gives them a place to go on your site. I’ve been amazed at how sticky this site has been with the long list of recent posts in a ‘hot zone’.

Thanks for allowing me to review your blog.

Comment by Tay
2007-10-26 23:46:56

Yes, I’m not sure if having the Alexa widget will help but surely it’s not going to hurt so I’m implementing it on my blog.

You are definitely right! I know when I Stumble Upon a site I think that’s cool I like to take a look at some of their other work - if there’s a “Best Posts” page at the very top surely that’d be very helpful. Thanks for your inspiration. :D

No, thank YOU - I really do appreciate it!

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