Blog Review: Free Christian Resources

David requested a Free Blog Review of his blog, Free Christian Resources and here it is…

What is Free Christian Resources?

Free Christian Resources

According to the About page, this blog was set up to provide information on where to find free Christian resources on the Internet and to allow David to discuss and share his Christian beliefs.

Site Design/Theme

The theme used for this site is quite impressive. It is one of the best I’ve seen in both retaining a great degree of readability along with an excellent sense of Web 2.0 design. Usually one or the other suffers but this theme brings them together. Check out the links for the theme at the bottom of the pages for more info about the basic theme and the modifications it has had.

He has a lot of stuff in the sidebars but it all seems to fit well into the overall theme. My main suggestion here would be to eliminate the Meta section. So far as post design goes, he may want to cut back on the social bookmarking icons to ones that actually are used and bring in traffic.

As to monetization, there is a single Google Adsense skyscraper block that integrates fairly well into the theme. While you don’t want to go overboard advertising on this kind of site, a PayPal donation button might be a good way to "pass the offering plate" as we say down here in the Southern US.  


David has started working on a series on Names of Jesus. While he only has one article in this series as of this writing, it is a good one. I’m looking forward to seeing where he goes with this series.

In this post, my first sermon - what helped most!, he relates his experience of preaching at his church for the first time.

He also reviews some Christian resource sites and gives his opinion as to their usefulness. Also, he does throw in a few secular posts from time to time as well.

All in all it’s a very well done site that is an excellent testimony to David’s faith.

Get Your Site Reviewed

If you would like your site reviewed by me for free, just like David did, use my Free Blog Review page to request one.


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2007-11-02 15:29:23

Hi Frank,

Sorry for not commenting sooner. I’ve had a very busy week with ill babies! Thankfully I had a few blog posts up my sleeve so I was able to keep my blog ticking over. Thank you very much for the review. I have already implemented a couple of the changes you suggested and have put the others on my to do list.

Hopefully you can get a bit of rest now your month of power blogging is over!

Thanks again,


Comment by jfc
2007-11-02 15:55:48

You’re welcome David,

Just wait until those babies become teenagers!

2007-11-02 15:39:14

[…] a lighter note free Christian resources was recently reviewed by Frank Carr, who writes a blog called OpTempo. If you are interested in blogging then this site is worth checking out. He is also currently […]

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