BlogRush Sucks - Round 4

BlogRush Sucks

Here’s another round in the BlogRush Sucks battle.

BlogRush founder John Reese has apparently been dashing around trying to do some damage control. It’s good that he’s trying to make up for this public relations disaster and not hiding in the bunker. Hopefully, behind the scenes, he’s sent the gaggle of trained monkeys he had doing the evals packing. Sure, you want to keep splogs, MFAs, and landing pages out but you need someone other than a ‘bot or low quality temps doing this. While Mr. Reese seems like a decent person and is, by all accounts, a good marketer that doesn’t excuse releasing product and failing to manage it correctly.

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If you got banned or just have a post on your blog talking about how much “BlogRush Sucks” , leave me a comment with a link to your site and a post I’ll include it in this list or in a new post. Hop on the “BlogRush Sucks” bandwagon!


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2007-10-23 16:22:43


I love the way the reasons for being banned (sorry de-activated) is so broad there is no way you know why you were banned!

I wasn’t doing too badly with blogrush either (compared to many)

Comment by jfc
2007-10-23 18:32:13

Hi David,

Sorry about the moderation delay but that’s the way I avoid comment spammers.

I would guess the ‘reviewers’, human or bot, didn’t read any further than the word ‘FREE’ in your URL before clicking the reject button.

2% of your traffic is pretty good. On my accepted blog I got one click total after having it there about a month and that was it.

I like your site. It’s a different design from the usual Wordpress blogs and it is a great expression of your faith. Let me know if you would like for me to do a free review of it.

2007-10-25 01:52:25

I didn’t notice the delay, I use the same thing to moderate first time comments too.

Yes the ‘free’ bit does make it sound spammy doesn’t it! If you know where to look the free things on the internet can be high quality. It can just take a long time to find them sometimes - which was the idea behind my blog.

I think it was probably the free bit that helped get me more traffic than average. I don’t think any of them signed up for my RSS feed though so they were probably not the best “quality” of visitor.

I would love to have a free review if that is okay (shall I fill in the form or is this message okay?). This blog looks interesting too, I was very surprised to see how new it is! I’m looking forward to seeing more posts on the various areas of blogging from you.

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2007-10-25 08:09:19

Hi David,

Unfortunately ‘Free’ in a URL has become one of ‘those things’ on the Internet. Several affiliate programs these days won’t allow you to participate if you have ‘free’ in your URL. I think marketing people overused it a lot around 2003-04. I don’t think it will hurt your site too much though.

I’ll put your blog on my list for a review.

2007-10-23 18:56:43

Yeahhhhh, the whole idea that they had whomever they could even find rating blogs - really makes me realize just how much the hassle wasn’t worth it in the first place.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-23 20:07:06

Hi Dawn,

I’d guess that you got rejected because of the sidebar widgets you’re running. That shouldn’t be a problem but it slows page loading and when a ‘bot or trained monkey is trying to do their 2 second evaluation of your site they’ll hit “REJECT” and move on before the page completely loads.

2007-10-27 16:33:16

you may be right, but no loss to me. I wound up getting more traffic because of being bounced than they ever brought me anyway LOL

(Comments wont nest below this level)
Comment by jfc
2007-10-27 16:35:43

That’s right. I’ve seen several posts around where the real rush of traffic came after they were ‘inactivated’ and blogged about it.

Comment by BlogRush New Headlines
2007-10-24 05:39:52

I like your list of BlogRush headlines…

… And if you’re looking for a minute-by-minute list of BlogRush opinions, you might be interested in my “BlogRush” mashup… headlines from all around the Internet about whether or not BlogRush is worth installing on your blog.

The opinions about John Reese and BlogRush might surprise you.

Check it out at:

Comment by jfc
2007-10-24 10:44:27

Thanks for stopping by David,

Akismet didn’t like your link for some reason so I had to pull your comment out of their garbage bin. I guess since part of your site has marketing offer landing pages is why they flagged you.

Nice job putting together the list of articles though. It’s always a good idea to provide something free that has real value as a lead in for an offer.

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