Are You Obsessed With Your Pets?

According to LiveScience, people are becoming more and more obsessed with their pets, especially cats and dogs.

It seems that 2/3’s of American households, roughly 71.1 million households have at least one pet. This is an increase from a 1988 survey that found one or more pets in 56 percent of households. 45 percent of pet owners have more than one pet.

The rest of this article is rather interesting, chronicling the rise of pet ownership in conjunction with the rise of the middle class in the 20th Century as well as discussing what people do for their pets.

How many pets do you have and what kind? We have 5 cats, a blue & gold macaw, a ringneck snake, and a tropical fish tank.

Are they like your furry kids or get other pampered treatment like day spas and professional grooming? Ours don’t. Cats and macaws don’t particularly care for that kind of treatment like dogs do. However, they have their own demands for attention. For example, the macaw gets quite peeved if he’s not told “Bye!” when we’re leaving the house.

How obsessed are you with your pets on a scale of 1 (not obsessed) to 10 (very obsessed)? I would say we’re about a 5 or 6. Where do you fit in?


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Comment by Mike
2008-06-23 02:21:05

Obsession with pets and loving them are different terms. I have a 4 dogs, 2 big furry cats and a reptile at home. I love them all but don’t go to the extent of taking them out for a luxury treatment and stuff. Its a little weird taking the dogs to a spa.

Comment by Nikki
2009-09-17 05:25:48

I think I would have to rate myself an 8 at least on the pet obsession scale and I would probably be a 10 if my husband would allow it. I currently have my doghter (that’s my dog-daughter) who is an 8 year old pit-mix, a cat, a rabbit, a turtle, 2 rats, and 2 baby mice. The turtle and the mice were both rescued from the wild, the turtle was the size of a quarter, struggleing through the grass, and my husband actually saw the baby mice get abandoned by thier mother, and then they crawled right into his hand, as soon as I saw them I adopted them (he probably won’t show my anymore animals he finds outside now, lol). The rats were adopted, the cat was a shelter rescue, the rabbit I bought at a pet store, and my dog I got from some crazy people who were keeping all the puppies out in a an old van, she was only 4 weeks old when I got her. I LOVE all my fur-babies more than life itself.

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