How To Get Rid of a Ghost in the House?

A recent visitor to OpTempo, AntiBarbie, related her experiences with a ghost in the house on her blog in these two posts: Are Spirits Real? and Are Spirits Real? (Part 2). I had mentioned a MSN Real Estate article on haunted houses in a comment over there so I looked up the article. Here’s a link to the article and a quote from it about how to run off a ghost.

MSN Real Estate: Ghosts may not spook home buyers

They were moving in, and stuff was all over the place, including a Civil War rifle that was resting against a wall in a 12-foot-wide hallway. In the middle of the night, Schaible got up, "and this very heavy rifle launched across the hall and landed at my feet." It flew about eight feet, he estimates. He looked for loose floorboards or anything else that could have caused the mysterious occurrence, but he couldn’t find an explanation.

So Schaible went downstairs into the kitchen and delivered a spirited monologue. "I said, ‘Hey, I live here, I pay the mortgage, and I don’t need this scaring me out of my mind in the middle of the night.’ I ranted for about an hour or so and sat around for a while."

After that, the Schaibles occasionally heard voices and glimpsed figures, but there were no scares in the middle of the night. Incidents have become less frequent as restoration work has progressed.

I guess he told them. :)

The article is a good read on how a suspected haunting doesn’t have to bring down the value of a house although bad incidents, such as a murder, particularly an infamous one, can bring down the price.

My own thinking is to approach such phenomena from skeptical perspective but I don’t dismiss such events out of hand. There are a lot of things not fully understood and ghostly activity could certainly be one of them.

What do you think? Ghosts or just imagination run wild? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Comment by Cindy
2007-10-25 15:10:17

Ghosts can really make it hard on both buyers and sellers. I have a friend who has worked with home owners and realtors to help expedite the sales of homes. These homes are usually troubled by not just one “haunt” or ghost, but usually more than one. These energies make it very difficult for a sale to happen because there is such weird stuff going on on all sides.

I’ve learned from her how to clear out my own home and I think she does a good job describing how to get rid of ghosts on her websites. Here is a new article she wrote which could offer your readers more info on this common experience:

How to Remove a Ghost

Interesting blog, by the way. I plan to read more of your writing!


Comment by jfc
2007-10-25 15:31:15

Thanks for stopping by Cindy,

That was an interesting article you linked to. Thanks.

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