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John W. Furst who runs E-Biz Booster requested a Free Blog Review and here it is…

What is E-Biz Booster?

E-Biz Booster

According to the well written About page, John is in the business of providing "general advice to specific solutions and recommendations in one-on-one consulting and coaching" for Internet related distribution channels. In other words, it’s a business/promotional blog.

As with all good About pages, John states the purpose and includes information that helps establish his credibility and personality. For example, he lives in the Canary Islands and is still able to conduct business well. That’s quite an accomplishment.

Site Design/Theme

The basic design of the blog is a standard 3 column layout with a fluid center. Many promotional sites tend toward the glitzy with flash and other gimmicks. E-Biz Booster keeps it simple which conveys a more business-to-business approach.

One problem I noted with the site is that sometimes it loads very slowly. I’m not sure of the cause but it may be one of the sidebar widgets that are causing the delay. This is something John should check into, perhaps removing some and testing load speeds using online tools for this purpose.

Speaking of the sidebar widgets, I’d recommend moving them below the fold except for the RSS tags. They may be helpful in some ways but do distract from the site content, which is the key thing for a business promo blog.

Monetization on the front page is all directed toward the business at hand, John’s company. This is exactly right for a business blog. You don’t want to clutter it up with Adsense or unrelated affiliate offers. You want the attention to remain on the business you’re promoting. Unfortunately, he does have Adsense on single post pages. I’d recommend getting rid of that unless it’s a significant revenue source. You want your promo pages to be sticky and Adsense leads your prospects out the door and down the street.


Let’s take a look at the articles on the site.

One that caught my eye was Conversion Rates Improved With Persuasive Design (Part 1) and (Part 2). This is a good pair of articles on how to craft a web site to get customers to convert. I’d recommend anyone who’s building landing pages or sites to sell ebooks or other online products to read these closely.

Another good set of articles is the Touch It - Do It - Get More Done series. Very good advice in it.

There are several other good articles as well as some that promote offers so check them out too.

Get Your Site Reviewed

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Comment by John W. Furst
2007-10-23 16:26:50

Hello Frank!

I really appreciate your professional opinion and I am certainly glad that you like and recommend the content of the blog. Monetization is not in the foreground here and I think about your recommendation regarding AdSense. Let me check the stats first, though. There seems to be some sort of proof that sites with AdSense on them rank not as good, especially on Google. The mission here is to put up quality content. We’ll see.

You are right the loading time “sucks” sometimes. That’s the widgets in the left sidebar. I want to keep them there visually, so I need to modify the template that the main content loads first and those widgets later. Now I realize, why most people have them on the right side. :-) That’ll be a tricky one, especially, if I insist on staying fluid without absolute positioning.

I’ll write a post featuring your review on my blog. There’s nothing to hide. Thanks for giving me that feedback and pointing out the weak points.


P.S.: In what browser(s) did you look at the site? I tend to focus on “valid code” without bending for some browser’s peculiarities.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-23 18:15:42

Hi John,

On Adsense, I had heard that too, primarily as a way to get indexed and get out of the ’sandbox’ on newer sites. I don’t know how true that is but there may be something to it, particularly when it comes to getting indexed fast. I would doubt that it has much of an effect long term.

Load time is a tricky thing and it depends a lot on how a WordPress loads things and how their Javascript interacts. Sometimes just moving their position around in the sidebar template can make them behave better.

I mostly use Firefox 2.0 for browsing although since I got a new Vista PC a couple of weeks ago I’ve used IE7 with the IE7Pro add-in more often than I used IE6 on XP.

Trackback by E-Biz Booster Blog
2007-10-24 22:19:22

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