Sony’s New 40GB PlayStation 3 Won’t Play PS2 Games

That’s right, according to Sony you spending more money on new games for your PS3 is what’s important to them. “Backward compatibility is a nice secondary consideration” they say.

The updated version of the Sony PS3 comes with a 40 gigabyte drive had an initial suggested retail price of $400 and went on sale on November 2, 2007.

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Sony decided to remove the ability for the new 40GB PS3 model to play games for the PS2, PlayStation 2, even though that unit and games for it remain strong sellers even though their technology is showing its age.

Sony management said, “We’re choosing to focus on the PlayStation 2 consumer with the PlayStation 2, which remains incredibly relevant, and focus on the PlayStation 3 consumer with the new 40-gigabyte model and the great software coming out. Backward compatibility is a nice secondary consideration, but it’s far from the number-one priority.”

It’s a great business model if you’ve got control of the market but a rather dumb one when you’re already losing ground to tough competitors like Microsoft (XBox) and Nintendo (Wii). The thing is by killing backward compatibility you give your loyal consumer a reason NOT to buy your new version and to actively consider alternative systems.

What do you think? Shrewd business move or just plain stoopid? Will it hurt Sony PS3 sales?


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Comment by KJ
2007-10-18 13:15:12

So they lower the price but make it so that you can’t play PS2 games on it. Classic example of ‘6 of one’ or ‘half dozen of another’. They’re going to get your other $200-300 one way or the other, either you buy the more expensive version or you buy all new games. Please Sony, dig a bit deeper, I think there’s a penny left in the bottom of my pocket.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-18 14:12:07

Thanks for stopping by KJ,

Sony’s management is really out of touch. They did the rootkit copy protection on CD’s last year and this year they’re making another bad move. Lucky for them they’re so big they can screw up and still make money. It’s almost like they’re becoming the General Motors of the electronics industry.

Comment by Oly
2007-10-18 14:20:53

Right on KJ. I got over $1500 in PS2 games and I cant buy the low end model PS3?? One of the main attractions to the PS3 was being able to play PS1 and PS2 games on them also. Screw Sony, I’m not gonna pay another $100. My PS2 works fine and will continue to use it until they no longer make games for it. Maybe sony forgets that many people live on a budget and $500 is a lot of cash to play games.

Comment by tasha
2009-01-03 06:33:55

My 40gb PS3 will play PS1 games, but not PS2!!! considering that PS1 is off the market, I wonder why!!!!! I find it very frustrating!

Comment by Austin Cook
2010-05-05 06:21:17

Playstation is the best gaming console that i have owned. Me and my brother are addicted in playing games on Playstation.,,,

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