Dr. James Watson Apologizes for Racial Gaff

It seems Dr. James Watson has apologized for the questionable remarks he made earlier. Here’s the story:

CNN: Nobel-winning biologist apologizes for remarks about blacks

"I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said," Watson said during an appearance at the Royal Society in London.

"I can certainly understand why people, reading those words, have reacted in the ways that they have."

"To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief," he said.

Well, I’m glad he decided to clear the air about this and that he agreed with what I said in my earlier post on this subject, that such beliefs have no scientific basis.

It seems that he’s made some similar gaffs in the past, according to the CNN article. I would say that he needs to practice a little more discipline about opening his mouth around the press.

Just to make it clear, I think he is entitled to his opinions just as everyone else is entitled to call him on a bad opinion.  He doesn’t get a free "appeal to authority" pass because of his excellent scientific work in genetics.

All in all, it’s a good example of how someone in the public eye needs to use caution about how they say things, particularly to the press and particularly when the Internet echo chamber is out there ready to amplify anyone’s stupid moves.

Is he a bigot or does he just suffer from "foot in mouth" disease? Should his work in genetics excuse him from responsibility for making such statements? What are your thoughts?


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Comment by Hannibal
2007-10-19 02:23:44

James Watson is an old KKK. Fact!! Indians from India excel than whites in USA schools and Universities. Look at their skin colour. African immigrants from Africa not black Americans, excel in USA schools than most whites. See!! not because you whites have succeeded to enslave black Americans in Materialism and false hope, subjecting them not not excel in education, which means you should generalized. It is your time to rule, but remember your days ae numbered and your influence is shrinking fast, just like the Old James Watson who still dream of the time he and his dad could go up in their farm and have any black slave for their night time tea. Have the James Watson ever read about ancient Mali, the center of science and excellence? It takes one generation to bring about the rebirth of Africa’s Glory in the sciences and it is happening now, but you white just can’t see it, just like you did not see Asia rising. This is the glory of God, cause white America is drunk in its jealousy of the black man’s P___s, that the black man will take their women from them, that is the origin of the white man’s jealousy and hatred for the black race and I don’t blame them. Hannibal should have concurred the whole of Europe then this nonsense would not have come to being.

Comment by chris
2007-10-19 07:31:29

good stuff except for the following:

Mali hasn’t been an intellectual center since we were apes.
Hannibal wasn’t black.
There is no miracle happening in Africa right now…..in fact, its worse than ever.
What does concurred mean??

Besides that, it was pretty good. Although, I’m not sure I want a black d__k….they look kind of like terds.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-19 08:14:09


Sadly you’re engaging in the same kind of racial nonsense that Dr. Watson engaged in. While tribalism and mild xenophobia were survival traits for humans in centuries past, they no longer are. Let go of your hate.

Comment by Capnbob
2007-10-19 03:31:01

Hannibal is clearly very angry about injustices in the world.

Africa? Now there is a question. Why does it suffer so in the modern age? I suspect that there are many answers. Certainly the rapid pull out of the colonial powers did far more harm than good. Africa has America to thank for this, as it was at their insistence that the UK give up her colonies as a condition to receiving Marshall Aid at the end of the second world war. Also, both the superpowers spending billions propping up various dictators in Africa has certainly not helped, and then you have more recently major global corporations plundering Africa in the name of free trade. Which they have done in the age old way of bribing local leaders with a few baubles, much the same was as the dutch did when the bought manhattan off the local indians in America.

Unfortunately, until someone manages to cure Africa of corruption, and the rest of the world of greed. I fear it will always suffer.

Comment by chris
2007-10-19 07:34:05

Honestly, can you really name some great African leaders that were elected by their own people? Africa is a disaster, and its going to take a looooooong time to clean up the mess. Blaming it on the U.S. though is quite comical.

Comment by Capnbob
2007-10-19 10:10:35

I’m sorry if I gave the impression that I was blaming everything on the US. It was not my intention to do so.

I did say that they were many reasons. Certainly America’s insistence on the giving up of the colonies as a condition of Marshall aid had unforeseen consequences as did the backing of various regimes both by the US and the USSR.

I certain agree with you that Africa is a mess and it will take a long time to clean up.

Great African leaders? Hmm let me see…

Mr Mandela springs to mind.

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Comment by jfc
2007-10-19 08:30:39

Hi Capnbob,

Africa certainly did suffer during the Cold War from the “He’s a bastard but he’s our bastard” policy that both sides practiced. This put several nasty dictators into power.

Today it suffers from political corruption and tribalism. The corruption allows certain ruthless multi-national corporations to take advantage of the situation. The tribal warfare kills, maims, and starves thousands daily. Some nations there are trying to improve things but it is an uphill battle.

Comment by Capnbob
2007-10-19 09:34:32

Hi jfc,

I quite agree with everything you said.

The scary thing is that I suspect that there’re an alarming number of people who secretly agree with both Dr. Watson and Hannibal’s points of view.

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