BlogRush Sucks - Phase 2.0

BlogRush Sucks!

Well, it seems that BlogRush has a new phase coming out. Let’s see what they’re up to now.

On the plus side, they’re adding more reports and more categories. The categories were important since the few they had were far too general and what little traffic it supplied was essentially untargeted. That’s it for the good stuff. Now lets look at why they continue to suck and suck hard.

If You’re New and Monitized, Fuggetaboutit

As I suspected in my previous post, Oh, BooHoo BlogRush Says I Suck, they are squashing and zapping any new blog that they think are ‘cheaters’. To their review process, this means that your site in monitized. Their review of this site, if it was manual and not a ‘bot, lasted all of about 3 seconds. As I figure it, they saw this was a new domain that has Adsense ads and in their words, “zapped it as quickly as possible”.

You Suck! ZAPPP!!!!

If their “massive audit” finds your quality lacking, you’ll get zapped even if you were previously approved. If their massive audit is as ‘complete’ as their sign-up review was, I expect a lot of other sites to get zapped by poorly trained or lazy reviewers who spend 3 seconds or so per site. I’d guess they have a “zaps per hour” quota or something like that. No appeal, just ZAP! because some poorly paid contractor who’s using poor criteria decides your blog sucks.

Give Us a Prime Positiion or Else

If you don’t give BlogRush a prime position on your pages you will also be zapped. Seriously, who wants to give a traffic stealing, non-income producing, extra large fat and ugly widget a prime spot on their blog?

They say they’re wanting to help low-traffic blogs but then they also say if you don’t generate traffic you’ll get zapped. WTF?

Bully Boys

What really amazes me is the bullying tone they’re taking. You would think they were the second coming of Google or something like that. Just read their phase 2 post and see what you think. I hate bullies and that’s what BlogRush is quickly becoming.

They say if you don’t like what they’re doing then remove their widget. That’s exactly what I’ve done in my other blog. I suggest that you do the same. Don’t let these Internet bullies walk all over you. Dump ‘em. You can find much better things and more profitable to do with your blog space, even it it’s another Adsense block.


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Comment by Aaronontheweb
2007-10-11 13:09:00

I hate scams like BlogRush. All they do is add clutter to your blog and just add one more damn login to the growing mountain of logins one needs to maintain for servicing a blog.

Screw them.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-11 13:47:46

Hi Aaron,

The big thing for them is that blogs are giving them very valuable demographic data, probably akin to what Google Analytics captures. Eventually they’ll be able to make money off it while bloggers get almost nothing in return.

Comment by seeker1
2007-10-30 07:12:53

Great post.

The phenomenal thing about all this is that John Reese didn’t build this network. We did.

I wish it was just as easy to virally get this message out, but there are too many people that believe the hype that John Reese is doing this for them and we should all just be thankful that he’s putting all this effort in.

I subscribed to your feed.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-30 08:07:44

Thanks for stopping by and subscribing Seeker1,

I did have high hopes for BlogRush at the start, given Reese’s reputation. Unfortunately, he didn’t plan it out well and made it where it could be easily exploited. Then he followed it up by overreacting and telling many a good blog that they don’t meet quality standards when they obviously do.

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