The Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

If you have cats like we do you may appreciate this new item, the Cat Genie Automatic Litter Box

You can check out their website at

It looks interesting but we’ve tried automatic litter boxes before and they didn’t hold up too well. The CatGenie cost $297 plus the ongoing expense of materials. That seems a bit steep for me although I could see it being helpful to a city apartment dweller where waste disposal was more of a problem. They do have a two year warranty on it so that sounds good.

I’m also not sure how well it would work for two of our cats. They’re both Maine Coon cats, one weighs in at 21 pounds and the other about 18. They might knock the whole thing over.

What do you think if you’re a cat owner? Would this work for you or does the price and so forth scare you off? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Comment by Aaronontheweb
2007-10-11 13:10:31

Man that’s cool!

Comment by Corvidae
2007-10-11 13:28:45

It doesn’t operate without a solution dispensed from a proprietary tamper proof module. That right there tells you it’s a money pit.

It’s a neat idea, but the cost is too high and the latent subscription fee of having to buy solution for it makes it DOA as far as my cats are concerned.

Comment by jfc
2007-10-11 13:41:10

@Corvidae - I agree. The built-in operating cost is a deal killer.

@Aaron - It is a pretty cool device but, sadly, not very practical or affordable.

Comment by April
2009-06-15 12:19:32

If you go to the catgenie website it explains exactly how much money you will be saving. Sure you have to buy the solution, but with a regular box you have to buy litter, haul it to your car then into your house. One cartridge lasts up to 2 months which only costs you about $12.50.

Comment by jfc
2009-06-15 14:34:19

Hi April,

We have 5 cats, 2 of them very large with poops to match, so litter boxes are a challenge for us. We have two Littermaid boxes, mainly for the 3 smaller and more fastidious cats, but the ‘big boys’ keep tipping them over. We try to encourage them to use a plastic tub that’s almost as big as a regular bathtub.

I could see the Cat Genie working for someone with one regular sized cat though, especially if they didn’t have a lot of room.

Comment by April
2009-06-16 14:48:24

Wow you’ve got a whole litter!

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