The Garden City Ghost Car Police Chase

Here’s a weird police chase video of a car that seemingly vanishes, reappears, and then passes through an intact chain link fence.

In the video the mystery driver weaves all over the road and makes illegal turns to evade the Garden City Police. At one point, from the camera viewpoint, the car seems to disappear and then reappear again. Police resumed the chase and the driver turned down a dead end road. The Garden City Police Officers thought they had the driver trapped until he(?) apparently drove straight through a solid chain link fence. The subsequent Garden City Police investigation did not reveal anything concerning the origin of the mystery car and how the driver was able to successfully evade the pursuing police officers.

Scouring the Internet for answers and thoughts on the incident I found a few:

1. The fence was ‘tricked’ so that it wasn’t attached at the bottom. This allowed it to spin back around into position after the car went through it. The cops saw an intact fence when it had flipped back in place. Alternatively, the car pushed down the fence or went through a break in the fence that the cops and the camera didn’t see. It is unclear if the cops took the time to investigate the fence right after the incident.

2. The car wasn’t a stock but had probably been souped up to some degree. This gave it its ’supernatural’ speed.

3. The driver’s obvious objective was to lure the cops to the trick fence to pull a fast one on them. Maybe he was someone who had a grudge against the local cops

4. Were the cops in on the deal just to get a wild chase video and their 15 minutes of fame on Unsolved Mysteries?

What do you think? Ghost, clever driver, or scam?


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Comment by athleticboy
2008-06-02 18:16:43

probably ghost since no car that type could go that fast and if it was trick fence the cops wouldve seen it moving when he hit it so either ghost or teen prank with the car being a projection

Comment by jfc
2008-06-03 08:31:08

Hi AthleticBoy,

I’m inclined to believe that it was just a clever trick either by someone who wanted to prank the police or it was a setup situation by the police officers themselves. Maybe I watch too much Penn and Teller.

Comment by RogerV
2008-08-05 18:35:26

What nobody has said is whether the fence and surrounding terrain was examined in light of day. If the fence WAS loose at the bottom, then it would be very evident. Likewise, there should be tire tracks.

Comment by jfc
2008-08-05 18:45:03

Hi Roger,

I’ve not been able to find anything about a follow-up investigation anywhere online. Somebody had to have investigated it, unless it was an outright hoax with the cops involved.

Comment by PC-Bjørn
2008-09-03 15:31:10

How about mailing the Garden City PD? :)

Comment by Bill Davis
2009-07-29 15:14:31

The officer was close enuf to make the vehicle and Run the plates more than twice in the video (and also) that standard procedure in any pursuit right.
Three things (may/maynot)
(1) The video is real
(2) The officer (f,up) did not fallow standard procedure and is trying to Cover His A..
(3) the whole thing is hollywood B.S.

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