Some Links #1

What’s a blog without passing out some link love? Not much of one I say so I’m going to do that right now.

First of all I want to thank Florchakh for stopping by today and leaving a few comments. I really appreciate it. He’s got quite a nice blog over there but be careful. Some of it isn’t quite acceptable for an uptight workplace.

One of my favorite internet marketing sites is Courtney Tuttle. He’s always got something useful to say.

Over at Internet Marketing Sucks ‘Sucker’ agrees with me about how bad BlogRush Sucks. He’s got a lot of great articles on his site and what looks like a great commenting community. Check it out when you get a chance.

Rob Sellen also seems to have some insight into the BlogRush Sucks phenomena. He’s not a prolific poster but he’s got some good stuff over there.

That’s all for this edition of “Some Links”. If you would like a mention in a following edition, leave a comment on any of my articles with your site in the URL field or mention this site in your blog. As long as your site isn’t a splog or a ‘bad neighborhood’ I’ll write a quick blurb about it.


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Comment by Florchakh
2007-10-08 06:35:02

Every time someone leaves a comment below my writings I give a try to step into relation. As you see, sometimes it’s successful. However, there are both sides of the story - I don’t write any comments for people that don’t follow the same way. Thanks to that I can save my time for ones I appreciate…

Thanks for a linkback ;)

Comment by jfc
2007-10-08 07:35:54

You’re welcome. I appreciate your comments here.

A lot of blogging about building relationships with readers and other bloggers. It can be quite a challenge.

Comment by Florchakh
2007-10-08 08:15:47

Indeed, it’s pretty challenging. Especially if you are not a native English writer haha


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