NBC’s The Office - One of My Favorite Shows

I’m not a big TV watcher, obviously since I spend a lot of time here and elsewhere on the Internet. However, I make sure I TiVo The Office.

They’ve really started this season off well, revealing the Jim and Pam relationship, having the Dwight and Angela relationship end due to a death (Sprinkles the cat) and having Ryan take the big corporate position. I also like how they seem to be giving Creed a bigger role this season. I love his quirky old guy act.

One of my favorite things about the show is that they can work in a serious undertone while preserving the comedy. For example, the way they worked in ageism and technophobia/technophillia into the story line this past week. Few sitcom writers can pull this off and usually opt for the dreaded “very special episode” model but The Office writers blend it so well that you can miss it.

Characters I love to hate on the show are David Wallace, the CFO. He seems like a real corporate jackass. I’ve seen his type many a time and I expect to again and again. Ryan has become a real jackass too since he got his corporate manager position. How many times have I seen a little power go to someone’s head? Plenty.

As for comparing it to the British version, I see them as two different shows with similar initial plot lines. I enjoy both but the US version just strikes closer to home for me.

What do you think? Who are your favorite Office characters? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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Comment by trade show booths
2008-06-26 21:50:55

hi Frank, Again, I love that Random Post feature. I can’t believe someone hasn’t commented on this post yet. The office is one of my favorite shows too, and like with you, that says something since I don’t watch much TV either. I actually saw all of the English version Office episodes first (got the DVDs from Netflix based on the recommendation of a friend). So when I saw the American version when it first started on TV, my initial impression was that is was a second-rate knock-off. I quickly warmed to it however, and since that first season have liked it just as much. They are both great. I think I liked the English version so much because they hit then nail on the head of how if was when I worked at a huge corporation. Anyway, it’s a great show, and was about the only reason the writers’ strike upset me this year. ~ Steve, the guy that doesn’t sell paper but does sell trade show booths

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