Oh, BooHoo BlogRush Says I Suck

BlogRush Sucks

BlogRush Sucks

I have had one of my other blogs, a rather ordinary technology blog, approved for BlogRush since it opened. It didn’t really work too well for it, but it seemed like a site like OpTempo would be perfect for it. I know of several other sites that are taking an approach to blogging similar to mine here and they’re showing their widget. Unfortunately, their “rejectobot” spit this out after one quick crawl of this blog.

BlogRush Rejection Notice - BlogRush Sucks

Why BlogRush Sucks

Maybe their ‘bot didn’t like my Adsense Ads or something but it was pretty darn quick about rejecting this blog. Doesn’t look like there is any way to get an actual human reconsideration either. So, I’ve decided to see if I can rank for the search term “BlogRush Sucks” at least for a short while to get their attention. So, I’m posting this attention-whoring bit of linkbait and seeing what happens.

I can guess what happened though. As I’ve commented elsewhere they got overrun with sploggers pretty quickly right after they opened their doors. Now, as is typical on the Internet, they’ve overreacted and are rejecting new blogs with Adsense ads just on principle. It’s good that they’re getting rid of the spammy splogs but they’re also throwing out the baby with the bathwater. At least if your ‘bot thinks a blog is illegitimate due to a rudimentary crawl take the time to manually review or crawl it in depth. Give it a chance. Put it on a status of “Pending In Depth Review Before Activation” rather than a rude rejection notice.

Until then, I have to say BlogRush Sucks.


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Comment by Florchakh
2007-10-07 11:09:50

It cannot be related to Google AdSense, rather to age of your site. Damn, this service is so pathetic…

Comment by jfc
2007-10-07 15:23:00

Thanks for your comment

I agree that the it could be the age although I’ve heard of other new sites being approved no questions asked. Perhaps that was pre-crackdown though.

It would be nice of them to say, like Pay-Per-Post and others, that your blog and domain must be in operation for so many days before you’ll be approved. Just something other than a big red raspberry. It’s building customer relationships 101.

Comment by Florchakh
2007-10-08 06:52:08

Seems every service that is dedicated to the wide public blows off single users, even AdSense, TLA, or Pay-Per-Post mentioned by you. There’s no need to waste your time on them if you respect your work!

Comment by stanchee
2007-10-22 03:06:42

I’ve given it several weeks, sitting on my blogs not doing a damn!
Just got rid of this ugly stuff from all 3 sites. Never want to see that
crap no more.

John Reese sucks big time!

Comment by jfc
2007-10-22 08:36:58

I agree it’s a waste of space. Little or no traffic plus the “above the fold or else” demand and terrible attitude makes it a no-brainer to dump it.

I wouldn’t make it personal by saying John Reese himself sucks. He’s an accomplished marketer. The problem is that this product and his attitude about it suck, big time.

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